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Why you should invest in an app for your company

The current mobile app market growth shows that by 2020, mobile development will grow to $63 billion. 

The key reasons why you should invest in an app: 

1. Optimising current business processes

Apps which are designed to serve a set purpose and goal. These can be anything from a staff directory app with messenger, an alert app for new content, a customer support app. 

 2. Your customers desire an app!

Your customers are tech savvy, they look at the phone through out the day, they love your content, they want to be shown the latest offers and events, they want amazing customer service and they use other competitors apps often. 

3. Your company wants to be up to date with the new!

Even if it’s just a trial and an initial adoption of the technology, you want to be part of this growth and expansion and not apart from it. 

4. Your competitors are on the game with apps already.

Driving competitive advantage through the adoption of an enterprise mobile app. If your competitors are doing it, you can replicate it, improve it and launch a better version.

5. You can send push notifications to your customers 

Remind your customers of your brand, via their mobile. Keep them updated and in the loop and engage with your customers on an entirely different level. 

Get in touch with the JA Creative Studio today and start development of your app. We will help guide you and show you the best features to enhance your company brand, take advantage of this technology and contact the team today. 

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