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PPC is the fastest way to accelerate your business up the ranks to where you want it to be, period. By purchasing advertisment slots in search engines, you ensure your website appears in SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages) at a higher position, as the search engine priortises such websites so that they appear at a higher position to its competitiors.

By optimising your website initially with a quick, Stage One round of SEO refinements, your website is then run through a Search Engine PPC campaign that involves refining the specific keywords and audience that are targeted by the campaign, making maximum use of your available balance on your account.

Our team will update you constantly on the progress of your campaign and on any changes, as well as specific changes they have made to the keywords and audience targets to meet the target. Afterwards, continual SEO is key to ensure high rankings are kept, as it is more cost effective than constantly funding PPC campaigns.

If time is of the essence, our team can produce instant results with Pay Per Click, while you watch your site shoot to the top. Rise above the ranks, using the fastest method available for ranking in SERP.

Our expertise in PPC will provide the most cost effective advertisments to push your site up in results, with the lowest possible relative cost. Although this method does not produce organic results, it is not affected by the extensive time constraints that standard SEO is constrained to.


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