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Avoid these design mistakes

We’ve created a list below of some easy ways in which your design can be ruined. Avoid them and you’ll be on your way to creating stunning designs. 


It can be tempting to throw everything you like, in to a design but this can very quickly ruin it. Too much complexity within your design can leave the viewer overwhelmed and confused as to where to look first which more than likely will cause them to look away from your design. If you want your consumers to pay attention keep it simple. Don’t fear white space!



If the colours are really bold or clashing then your design can start to look amateur. Play around with font colours to see what suits your brand. Try avoid having colours which clash because the viewer will be dazzled by them and won’t notice anything else on the design. In the image on the right, the green clashing with the pink makes it hard to look at for too long. 

Blurry images

No matter how desperate you are to use the image, do not use it if it is blurry or pixelated. It’s not worth it because the quality of your design will be brought down completely. It’ll be well worth it to put the effort in and retake the photo or find an alternative. 


Don’t settle for the default fonts, play around with what looks nice and consider downloading or buying some new ones. Also, if its too small then people won’t be able to read it. See the fonts below? It doesn’t take long to see the top font looks a lot more professional. 


Your design can easily be taken less seriously if you’ve misspelt a word within it. Just because you didn’t notice doesn’t mean that your consumer won’t. It can quickly portray your business as unprofessional, so get multiple people to do a spell check on your design. 

If you want to see some bad designs in action then click here to see some questionable logos.1 Likes

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