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Why design is so important to your business

Let’s kick this off with a large percentage: 94% of first impressions on websites are design related. Straight away this shows us just how important design is, but specifically why is this important and do you really know which elements matter the most?

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Your design needs to be easy for your audience to navigate around. For websites this, this is making it clear where the navigation and page tabs are or how to contact you, however navigating around design isn’t just specifically for websites. It’s important for it to be easy to navigate around a logo too. By this, we mean that if there’s tons of patterns or colours on the logo then your audience won’t know where to look or concentrate on. If you have text on your logo and an image, try to decide which one you want your audience to see first and then make that element the most prominent.

Having multimedia elements in your design is important because majority of content online has some kind of interactivity within it. This is because people are more likely to notice your content as the images catch their attention more quickly than a paragraph of text. Additionally, a lot of users are more likely to watch a video than read an article so keep that in mind when you want to get information across.

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It would be a mistake to not put a lot of thought into the colours for your business. A certain shade of a colour could remind people of your business leading to instant recognition. For example, if you saw a small red drink can you’re more than likely going to understand its Coca-Cola before you’ve even seen the brand name on the can. 

Just like above, font can also create instant recognition, but a messy or swirly font can be hard to read or look unprofessional. On the other hand, a font which looks robotic can come across as boring. Spending time scrolling through all the available fonts is an important step within your design. A lengthy process, but worth it. 

This can be in relation to ensuring all your website pages are the same design e.g. the first page has red and green colour theme but page two has a black and gold colour scheme. It will give your audience a strong case of confusion! But consistency can also mean that your web design, logo design and social media design are all similar too so your audience will understand that your logo and website are related. 

Design is your business’ first impression to your audience and consumers so make sure it’s a good one! Get in contact with us for a stunning website or logo design. Wondering how important a logo is? Then click here. 

Why is design important for my business?
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