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Why is my website loading slowly?

Here’s a worrying figure: 40% of people abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Therefore it’s important to ensure your website is loading quickly, but if it isn’t then below are a few reasons it may be slow. 

1) Unoptimised images
Images which have been unoptimised are the most common culprit for slow loading sites. Optimising images for your website can include resizing them, changing image format or reducing the quality enough so there are no visible changes.

2) Slow servers
If your server is slow then it doesn’t matter how perfect everything else is in terms of fast loading. The performance of your server is down to your web hosting which may be because you went for a cheap one where your website is put in a queue with other sites. 

3) High traffic
Lots of traffic is probably a fairly obvious one. The more people who are using your page, then the more it slows down as it tries to load for everyone. 

Why is my website loading slowly?

4) Redirects
Redirects slow your loading speed down because it’s like loading a page twice. So it’s best to try and avoid redirects where you can. 

5) Too many HTTP requests
All the CSS files, Javascript files or images loaded on your site are HTTP requests and the more of them there are then the slower your site will be.

However, the best way is to get a website expert to fix your slow loading problems, which of course we will always be happy to help with. #SelfAdvertisement

For more information on website speed for your business click here.

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