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Our favourite Kickstarter projects

Companies and individuals are constantly coming up with new, creative ideas that make life just that little bit easier. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite technology projects found on Kickstarter,  including waterproof music, garden robots and reductions in parent FOMO (that’s fear of missing out if you didn’t know)! 


How often are you faced with the dilemma of wanting to go for a swim in the sea but someone has to stay behind with the phones and wallets to keep them safe? Sound Safe LLC have created a safe which will keep your valuables safe in a box. But can’t a thief just take the whole box? Well if they try it will emit a loud alarm which can be heard up to 200 feet away alerting you, but the thief is likely to just drop the box because the alarm makes it ridiculous to run away with. 

It’s also very strong and can be run over yet still keep your valuables safe, but it isn’t just a safe box. Its technology goes further and plays music for up to 5 hours and charges two phones.

Sound Safe LLC’s timeline states it will be ready for shipping January 2018.

Read more about it here. 



Tayogo waterproof headset

Some people find music motivating when it comes to exercise and now Tayogo’s latest tech allows you to swim whilst listening to your favourite tunes. There was certainly a gap in the market for this one.

However, it uses bone conduction technology which means that even with music being played into your ears you can still hear the outside world, so don’t worry about being oblivious to a child water bombing till too late. It’s also appropriate for sweaty gym sessions.

Your music files get downloaded directly into the device from your computer and has an 8 GB system. Their Kickstarter suggests they will be shipped out July 2017. 

Read more here.

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Benjamin Button

The idea of this little clip on camera is it allows parents to capture every important moment with their children. The camera automatically chooses the best moments for you through face detection, sound recognition and human activity but you can manually change the threshold limits to suit what you want.

The button easily clips onto clothes so you can spend time with the kids hands free, rather than standing on the sidelines filming with your camera. And don’t worry, if you decide to clip it to your kids clothes the camera can withstand water and everyday crashes. The first Benjamin Buttons will be shipped out December 2017.

You can view it on Kickstarter here. Or watch the video below.

Tertill: weeding robot

This little green robot will weed your garden for you so your plants can thrive and you don’t have to waste energy pulling weeds up. It’s completely solar powered and weatherproof.

Don’t worry though it knows the difference between plants and weeds so your flowers are safe, it can tell the difference between plants and weeds through height as plants are tall and weeds are short and wide. 

The company already have a solution to your short growing plants: plant collars! You put the collar around the short plant and Tertill will turn away from it. Also, this bot won’t get stuck because it uses four-wheel-drive getting it through soft soil, sand and mulch as well as being able to climb slopes. 

Also no chemicals are used! Tertill will begin shipping out to customers from the beginning of 2018.  

To find out more click here.



These projects are still in the development process which means they’re looking for donations if any take your eye. There are rewards for helping them out! Simply click the links provided in the paragraphs above and it will take you to their pages.

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