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Why does my website need a blog?

Having a blog on your website is getting more and more popular, regardless of your industry. It gets to the point where you have to ask “So who doesn’t have a blog these days?”. Below are the reasons why you should get one too!

  1. The more content you add to your website then the more opportunities your site has to be found. Typically, a website may have around 5-10 pages including the essential sites. These pages may not be enough to get people onto your website. With each blog post you publish, the pages your website has then increases meaning there is a higher chance of people ending up on your website from a Google search. If your blog answers a question or gives advice on a topic then all people need to do is Google the question to your blog’s answer and your website could come up in the search results, bringing traffic to your site.

  2. Blog posts can make your business feel more human. Blogs give you the chance to share news, write about values/opinions and interests to do with your business or industry. It gives your website more personality rather than just being a site with “about us” and “contact us”.

  3. Having a blog also gives you original content to post on your social media platforms thus leading people to your website. Giving your blogs interesting titles will encourage people to click the blog links on your social media to find out more. And if it’s really good or intriguing then you may even get your blog post shared around by others.

  4. Blogs show potential customers that you have knowledge in certain topics and that you know what you’re doing. It builds up authority in your industry, leading to greater trust from clients. Also, regular blog updates show clients that your company is still in business and current. 

  5. SEO favours websites who have regular updates on it and blog posts are the easiest, most useful way to ensure your website has these regular changes occurring on it. Search engines don’t want to send their users to an out of date or abandoned website.

To make your choice easier, if you want increased website traffic and the opportunity to improve your SEO then get your website a blog. Need more info on what SEO is, then click here.

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