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What your Website should include!

Would you say your website is effective in getting new visitors, retaining customers and also situating conversions? You should take advantage of the massive potential of your customer base online. In this day and era your consumers are accessing your website from a multitude of devices including desktop, tablet and mobile. 

You should ensure that your website does the following: 

Look professional 

Your website should not be boring, old or unentertaining to the eye. 

Have a Private Domain Name

You may be using or another website host, with investing money into a web host and domain name it tells your users that you are serious about your business and gives a sense of trust to your visitors. 

Be Secure 

If you accept online credit card payments for products or services, your website must comply with the Payment Card Industry Standards Council (PDI DSS) requirements. 

Have a Memorable Domain Name

Your domain should be easy to remember and noticeably different. This should be your business name.

It should have your Business Name in Text

Search engines cannot index words from your logo image. So you need to include your business name in live text as well to make sure your company is findable.

It should have your Business Address In Text

You need your Business Address in text on your website for search indexing. Local Search Results are exceedingly important, so you address should be in live text on your website and made prominent. 

It should have your Company phone number in Click-to-Call Format. 

More and more people look for companies online through their smartphone, you should allow for a one-touch way to contact you, to bring in more customers. Like a contact button which sets up a call straight from your mobile.

Contact info should be in an easy to find location. 

You need to make sure that your users can get in touch with you quickly and easily. 

A brief description of what you do

This can be either through images, descriptions or both, users should be able to tell instantly what your company does. 

You should have a highlighted USP 

Visitors should know why they should hire you or do business with you, you should have a unique selling point (USP) to say why you stand out from other companies and competitors. 

Customer Testimonials

One of the top ways to tell someone how amazing your company is and whether to trust them is through testimonials from previous customers and clients. 

You should allow for Visitor Feedback

This will help you learn about what you can improve upon the website and what is doing well on your website so you can continually learn and improve what you are doing. 

Speak to your visitors

You should highlight how you can benefit your customers. 

New Content

Keep your website updated for visitors and search engines. A good way to do this is to have a weekly blog. 


Your website should contain the keywords you are selling to your visitors. Natural SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies are essential in getting new visitors to your website. 

It should be Personal 

By including names and bios of people within the business including business owners and staff to give it that personal touch.

Link to Other Websites. 

Outbound links can help improve search engine results and make you look more valuable as a company. 

Have other Website linking to yours.

Inbound links are also good to help improve search engine results.

Make Checkout Easy. 

It shouldn’t take too long to checkout, it should be simple, fluid and clean. 

Connect With Social Media

Add Social Sharing Buttons, social media feed and social media icons prominently on your website. So users can see more. 

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