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What’s killing your productivity?

It’s important to figure out what the cause of your productivity decreasing is, so you can kick the habit ASAP and get more done with your day. Take a look through our list and assess what you’re guilty of!


Not giving your full attention to a task can result in it not being done properly, which can kill your productivity. It will make you feel like you aren’t doing a good job. Additionally, a lot of effort is going into switching between the tasks so you’ll save a lot more energy by completing a task and then moving on. To keep yourself on top of these tasks make a to do list and don’t move on till you’ve crossed it off.


Arguably, the biggest impact on productivity is having distractions in your workspace. It’s self-explanatory but if you have the TV on then you’re going to watch it and if your phone has sound on then you’ll want to reply to the texts. iPhones have a Do Not Disturb feature which can be set to allow only phone calls through so if its important then people can still reach you. 


Setting your goals really high can be unrealistic. You can spend ages trying to reach those standards and then the rest of your work will fall behind. Try to focus on the progress that you have made or set small goals for the day that you can achieve and feel proud of. 

Saying yes to everything  

You’re going to end up overwhelmed trying to complete everyone’s tasks and then you may have to let people down after saying yes to them. It’s better to say no before than to let them down later. Be realistic about how much you can actually get done. 

Being a fan of the snooze button

Your productivity levels for the morning are more likely to increase if you get up as soon as your alarm goes off, rather than lay in bed for another 5 mins, and then another 5 mins… Until your morning has completely disappeared. 

Not getting enough sleep  

You’ll be a lot more productive on 8 hours of sleep than 3, don’t underestimate how important getting enough sleep is. Your concentration levels depend on it.

Waiting for the perfect time to work

A lot of people are guilty of this. Instead of getting on with work, they wait for the best time to do it, sometimes with the reasons “I work better at night”. Whilst that may be true, it is better to just throw yourself into the work because otherwise you may end up with a case of never getting it done. If you keep waiting for the perfect time chances are it may never come. 

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