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Thinking about using Instagram Stories to market your business? Here are 5 ways to do just that!

Instagram Stories let you engage with customers in a deeper way with a significant message than of what you can do with a single image. 

Why Instagram Stories? 

Instagram Stories function very much in the same way that Snapchat Stories work. Stories are photos and videos that last for 24 hours, and like Snapchat they can be enhanced with drawings or image filters. To fully make use of Instagram stories make sure the stories you post enhance your brand and are posted at an optimal time, as they only last 24 hours. The more stories you post, the more likely you’ll appear at the top of someone’s Instagram feed while they’re on Instagram. 

1. Include Special Offers

A popular way to deliver offers is to refer viewers to the link in the bio. Post a coupon as an Instagram story and state in the post that the offer expires at the end of the 24-hour story period. This coupon can then direct users to the link in your Instagram bio, which will take them to a landing page where they can learn how to redeem the offer. 

This time limit gives urgency to viewers and thus are more likely to take the offer as a result. 

You can also ask users to reply via Instagram Direct Message (DM) feature to claim offers. For example “Message us and we’ll provide you with this limited-time special offer”. By doing this in this way, it provides touchpoint for engagement and chance for customers to develop a deeper relationship with the brand. 

2. Show off your Creative Process

This can be anything from showing of design drawings, graphics, meeting with manufacturers so your customers see a bit of the behind the scenes of your products. This helps build a different kind of trust with your customers. 

You could also offer a special feature that gives viewers a peek at an unannounced product or a service for a client. This can be compelling to your audience and shows the power of the brand and what services you can provide. Also make sure you have your client’s permission to be included in your Instagram marketing. 

3. Share an Informal Glimpse Into your Business. 

You should consider showing the behind-the-scenes of your business including social events, or highlighting individual members of the teams work. 

4. Sign on for a Takeover

This is a quick way to grow your following on your account. A takeover is either taking over an Instagram account, normally for 24 hour period, or having a person or business take over your account. This draws attention from you audience as well as the other person built-in audience. Takeovers are special as they are partnerships that provide a mutual beneficial exchange of value. 

5. Going live on Instagram

When you go live you are essentially notifying all your users you are doing this so they will all be notified on their mobile devices. When you do this you need something interesting that is happening with your business then and there, something you want to show and shout about. 

Looking at it overall

Instagram boasts over 500 million monthly active users, comparing to 100 million active on snapchat. And 68% of theses users engage with brands on Instagram. 

If you are unsure of what content to share on your Instagram, it may be a good idea to ask your audience what they want to see from you? This is valuable feedback which will help you with content direction of future stories to improve engagement. 

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