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What makes a perfect Logo?

Branding is incredibly important in all businesses. Well-established brands currently spend thousands a year promoting it, and protecting their brand. Branding improves recognition, established tryst, and demonstrates a promise to customers. 

The key things to consider: 

1. Simplicity

A recognisable design, that avoids flashy elements that make it difficult for your eyes to look at. Logos should not be over detailed due to its difficulty of use.

2. Timeless not trendy

Your logo should be unique and not a generic logo design, allot of trends stand out because they are overused. However, even a timeless design should be re-freshed through time.

3. Black is not a colour

You should consult the colour emotion guide when thinking about your business colour scheme. Does your colour scheme fit with what you are selling as a business?

4. Think about where it will be used

It is important to consider how your logo will look in print, on various digital devices, social media profile, and also an app logo. We now not only consider one point of view, but different sizes, and as a square avatar or profile picture. 

One way to overcome logo problems for different devices is to design two different logos. 

A logotype – A type-only logo, which can be abstract, mascot, or a pictorial mark.

A Glyph – A simpler version of your brand, generally only using your logo mark. Whatever you can fit into a square frame, and must be easily identifiable when small. This would be used as your social media avatar, in small spaces and possibly even in an app. 

5. Typeface and font 

Typefaces that should never be used for a logo include Comic Sans, Papyrus and Curlz. Many brands stick to using serif and sans-serif typefaces in their logos, some decorative and script typefaces also work. A big problem however with decorative and script typefaces is that when shrunk on smaller screens they are difficult tor read.

Your logo is your brand, don’t rush the design and treat it with thought. Spending a bit of money on a professional logo now is a lot better than spending more on a complete rebrand in three to five years time. 

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