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Remarketing is an ingenious technique that allows you to connect with visitors that have visited your website before, but not made a purchase or inquiry. Remarketing exists to bring them back and persuade them that you are indeed able to offer a service that they desire.

Remarketing is cruical for businesses that have made a change to their business, for example, if you've started offering new services, or changed your pricing, or perhaps refined existing services to be more suited for certain consumer groups. It can sometimes be more effective than traditional marketing, as it is much more focused on a particular group, and also ensures you are marketing directly to those that are interested in your services, rather than a random set of devices.

When a customer enters your website, they can have a remarketing 'cookie' placed on their devices that uniquely identifies that device to your website (while still retaining no private, personal information, and meaning gibberish to anyone but you). This cookie is then used to send particular advertisments to those computers that hold that cookie, so only previous users can get a parciular set of remarketing advertisments, and new users get a differing set.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ensures you rank highly in search engine results pages (SERP's), above competing websites, so your potential visitors are more likely to find you amongst everyone else. SEO is likely the most cost effective solution for your business, easily paying off with the large amount of potential customers it can bring.

At JA, we have a wealth of experience in optimising websites for Search Engines to ensure you gain the largest reach possible, and get organic results without having to consistently spend on advertising.

If time is of the essence, our team can produce instant results with Pay Per Click, while you watch your site shoot to the top. Rise above the ranks, using the fastest method available for ranking in SERP.

Our expertise in PPC will provide the most cost effective advertisments to push your site up in results, with the lowest possible relative cost. Although this method does not produce organic results, it is not affected by the extensive time constraints that standard SEO is constrained to.


Social Media

Used correctly, social media is an extremely effective marketing tool, which requires very little time and money, and yet, can yield very effective results quickly, and effecively. Target directly to your potential consumer groups, and see raw data to decide what method is best for you.

Social Media is excellent in ensuring you can target local, or specific customers, and analyse the outcomes of your marketing tactics much more prescisely than search engine tools would otherwise offer.

Our social media service is driven by our industry-leading knowledge, we can ensure your customers view the right message at the right time. Our experienced content creators, strategically plan social media posts with the latest in cutting edge software programmes. This ensures our clients achieve their desired business goals right from the off.

More than 89% of the UK population use the internet, there has never been a more critical time to utilise the strengths of social media marketing, taking advantage of its use and abilities.

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