Amir qureshi

Amir Qureshi is a consultant knee surgeon and limb reconstruction specialist. He is internationally recognised for his skills and highly trained in the conditions he treats. Amir Qureshi visited us in order to revamp his online marketing to include website design and Search Engine optimisation.


Amir Qureshi is a consultant Knee Surgeon and Limb Reconstruction Specialist. He required a new website which was optimised for all devices and would highlight his services. After our initial consultation, Amir Qureshi made clear he required a website which was functional, effective, efficient and search engine optimised.

Once the website was completed, we refined the entire website to be search engine optimised. Amir also signed up to our SEO package which meant we continuously worked on his website in order to improve the search engine rankings. Within the first 3 months of launching Amir Qureshi new website, we managed to increase his visitor count by over 300% and successfully placed him on page 1 for all of his key words.

The outcome of this website design project was an outstanding website which not only looked great, but performed exceedingly well.


To compliment the new Amir Qureshi website, we designed a simple business card that Amir could provide to patients, containing key information his clients would require.

We also highlighted the the new website on the business card to allow his clients to find our more information on their procedure.

Amir was extremely pleased with the results and continues to enjoy stellar performance in regards to his website.

“Design transcends agenda. It speaks to the politics of optimism.”