Web Maintenance

We Can Help Upgrade & and Maintain Your Infrastructure

If you need minor changes, its not cost effective to redesign an entirely new website, purely to change a few minor details. At JA, we offer a 'Web Maintainance' service, where we can help you make any change you'd like onto an existing Website, at a sensible and practical price. We work with all the modern frameworks such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and even discreet content management systems like Concrete5 and Grav.

We can help perform Migrations, Website Transfers, Backend Upgrades, Security Updates, checkups, and more! Get in touch with our team today for a quote, to see how we can best help you.

We can help remedy performance issues and any reliability problems you may be having by examining your existing infrastructure and analysing any weak points your current hosting setup may have.

We can determine whether you have any bottlenecks caused by any heavy plugins or software that you are running in your website configuration.

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