pWM electrical

PWM Electrical and Mechanical specialises in the design and installation of electrical and mechanical products and systems. PWM Electrical and Mechanical visited us in order to redevelop their logo and create a new website.


PWM required a professional, informative website that would advertise their services, whilst being simplistic and easy to navigate.

From the initial consultation, we were provided with all the information the new website needed to include. We began by creating a website which is easy to navigate and highlighted all of PWM Electrical and Mechanical’s offerings.

PWM Electrical and Mechanical was extremely satisfied with their new website and noted they had seen result in terms of increased customer enquiries.


We reimagined the PWM logo, taking inspiration from square waves, as they would appear in a pulse width modulated signal (hence, PWM).

We managed to retain this reference whilst still maintaining readability. This logo is minimalistic, yet holds good value as it references their Electrical Engineering speciality.

The logo still maintains a minimal, professional presence, maintining the company's mature values, whilst providing a unique marque to identify the brand.

tecHnoloGies used


“Design transcends agenda. It speaks to the politics of optimism.”