noushA bAr and lounge

Nousha Lounge is a Cafe and Bar, specialising in Coffee, Cocktails & Cakes. Nousha recently launched their new café and visited us for a number of our services from website design to branding, logo design and graphic design. Nousha Lounge’s main aim was to launch their new brand.

website / brAnding

Nousha Lounge required a website in order to market themselves to their potential customers and also allow customers to discover them as they were a new business. During our initial meeting, Nousha lounge made us aware of exactly what they wanted to gain from their new website as well as all the information they wanted to display on the new website.

We created a website for Nousha lounge which reflected the high quality of their bars, cocktails and coffees. We really wanted to showcase the bar for its quality and so we sent a photographer down to take some images to begin with. We design Nousha Lounge a website to their exact requirements.

Nousha were extremely happy with the website we developed, and felt it highly improved the reach of their lounge as well as highlighted their services exactly as they intended to do so.

logo & branding

At the time of our meeting, Nousha Bar and lounge was a newly launched, high end café. In order to reflect their brand, we were enlisted to design a new logo.

Working closely alongside Nousha lounge, we were able to develop their ideal logo. Once we completed the logo, Nousha Lounge then requested we help them with the design for some business cards and loyalty cards.

Using the newly created logo, we were able to create the business card and loyalty cards for Nousha. Nousha described the designs as extraordinary and were very please with the outcome.

“Design transcends agenda. It speaks to the politics of optimism.”