coco bAr and lounge

CoCo Bar and Lounge is a boutique bar and lounge passionate about craft spirits, wines, beers and cocktails. Coco bar and lounge visited us in order to design them a new website for their new bar.


When CoCo Bar and Lounge came to us, it was clear a website was a requirement in their industry, in order to distinguish themselves from their competitors as a high end, respectable lounge. We began by firstly understanding their requirements from a website and the core information they were trying to relay to customers.

We created a new, modern website for Coco Bar and Lounge. The purpose of the website was to highlight the bars features, events and allow for customers to make reservations as well as contact the club. We kept the website clean and simple to use, making navigation of the website as user friendly as possible.

Coco Bar and Lounge said they were blown away with the success of their website. Within the first week of launching, they had a 300% increase in enquires from customers, resulting in more business.

“Design transcends agenda. It speaks to the politics of optimism.”