burgess Road dental surgery

Burgess Road Dental is a dental surgery specialising in a number of cosmetic and general dentistry treatments. We initially did their first website when the surgery first opened, since then they have grown in both their offering and as a business.

Burgess Road enlisted our help in order to revamp their presence. From our consultation meeting, we decided to completely revamp the business. Burgess Road Dental enlisted our help to redesign a new website, rebrand the practise and produce marketing materials to highlight their products and services.


When Burgess Road Dental first came to us, they were still a small surgery, and in need of a small, basic website to advertise their presence and list some information about themselves. With continuous growth and expansion of their service offerings, we were tasked with the job of creating a new website which reflected all the services Burgess Road Dental offers.

To gain some insight into Burgess Road Dentals requirements, we had an initial consultation meeting. During this meeting, we identified the areas which Burgess Road Dental wanted to focus most on, from here we then established the information we needed to highlight.

We created Burgess Road Dental a website which highlighted all their services, was easy to navigate through and provided clients with the key information they required. We also designed the new website with an easy to use Content Management System so staff could make website changes quickly and easily, without the need to contact a website developer. Overall Burgess Road Dental was extremely satisfied with the end result.


Burgess Road Dental needed to ensure they were well presented to their customers in all the paperwork they provide to their clientele. As part of our project reimagining their practice, we created media in the form of letter heads, appointment cards, business cards, and more.

Whenever any form of documentation is given to a client, it is now adorned with the Burgess Road 'house and diamond tooth' imprint, providing a memorable experience for the client that is sure to be passed on to friends and family.


We redesigned Burgess road dentals logo to be modern and minimalistic, whilst looking professional and giving the surgery a premium feel. Based upon feedback from the dental surgery, we were able to create a number of style options and finally finalise the end logo down. Burgess road dental was very happy with the outcome of the new logo.

We additionally provided a full branding package including flyers, appointment cards, business cards, compliment slips, window stickers, a street sign, name plate, and a shop sign.

Burgess Road experienced a complete turn around in consumer enquiries, being able to target private clients more as opposed to NHS clients.

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“Design transcends agenda. It speaks to the politics of optimism.”