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Why you should hire a Web Designer, rather than do a Website yourself

Reasons you may have on creating a website yourself. 

The Price

By looking at tutorials online you may have the impression that setting up a website is easy and that is true. Technology which is available online today will allow you to create a website without technical knowledge or coding skills. Many builders and platforms are available today, one of these which is well known is WordPress.

You should treat the price of a website as an investment that will pay off in the end. If you try to set up a website without research or a plan your wasting money and time! By creating a website yourself, you are actually wasting time on things that are to your core of your business and others who are trained can do quicker and more effectively. You will have to invest time and resources to learn technologies such as hosting, domains,  Wordpress itself, plugins, security and backups, which isn’t worth your time. 

Reasons for hiring a Web Designer to do your website. 

Every good web agency will not jump straight in to design and development, they will be a consultant and they will work with you to plan your online website. They will advise first and then design and build, ensuring your design is professional and tailored to your brand/company. 

At the planning stage, you’ll find together a good content plan for your website and a good website is all about good content!


At the end, the website built by the Web Designer will start generating more business for you soon after launch and some of the revenue generated through the website should be invested back in to keep your website up to date, with all the latest trends. Thus improving your website over time and letting it grow together with your brand. 

The benefits of using a Web Designer: 

  • They will come up with a plan and a strategy for your new website
  • Your website will look professional and function flawlessly
  • You will have prepared content for the website, images, video, copy
  • The website will be optimised for performance to ensure it ranks well on Google
  • Once finished they will maintain the website for the long run to let it grow

At the end of the day, it may seem that it was more expensive to hire a Web Designer but at the beginning it is hard to build an effective website that will bring you business. 

So make that investment and hire JA Creative Studio today to deliver you your website!

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