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Why you should focus on marketing through Instagram

Having a presence on Instagram will no doubt benefit your business, whatever the scale of your business. Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform for mobile, from its launch it has attracted over 500 million monthly active users and this is not seen to be slowing. 

Why should businesses focus on marketing on Instagram?

Instagram is a visual media platform where the picture sells the post and should be used to convey your marketing message. Internet user behaviour has changed dramatically since the introduction of Instagram. Users are not wanting to scroll through paragraphs of text. Pictures and quirky videos are now offering the intrigue. It is a fact that visual content is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text and humans are capable of retaining 80% of what they see. This means that Instagram marketing is much more effective that other advertising platforms and data suggests that Instagram posts are more engaging on average than other social media platform posts. 

Consumers are on Instagram 

Most Instagram users follow at least one business or brand. Over 50% of millennials are on Instagram. Instagram currently has a split of men and women audience 49% are male users and 51% are female.  

Highest user engagement

Conversions rates are higher on Instagram because of higher user engagement than any other platform. On Instagram users love brands who portray personality and more than 50% of users follow a brand that inspires them. 

Top brands on Instagram

Top brands are on Instagram and so should you be. Even if your business doesn’t sell a product as such, you can still have a business Instagram account with photos that highlight usability of products and services. By inspiring your customers, you can increase engagement and promote your business. 

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