What makes a future proof Website?

With all the latest technologies, website designers should follow the latest trends and principles. Web presence should be responsive and adaptable to all devices and technologies. 

How many people in the world have access to the World Wide Web? 

Research currently suggests that around half the population will have access to the internet by the end of this year.

The total number of global internet users from 2005 to 2015 has risen from 1024 million to 3174 million.

These statistics suggest that internet users are increasing every year and in doing so, website are developing at a rapid pace. 

The importance of a website to businesses in this day and age is imperative, however making a website is not a one time task. Websites should be updated and redesigned regularly and according to current trends. 

Key tips to make your web design future proof:

1.Choose applicable framework

It is important to use a framework that corresponds to your business website. 

You should look for the framework that matches your business plan. Each frameworks has its own benefits and you must find the one that corresponds to your business requirements. These are the standards you should look for: 

  • Simple to learn
  • A volume of external resources
  • Flexibility
  • Browser compatibility
  • Easy access

These are some frameworks which are currently being used:

Twitter Bootstrap

The bootstrap framework has been designed to make web presence simple, quick and allot better. Consisting of responsive features that allow users to switch from laptop to iPhone to any other mobile devices.

Foundation 3

An advanced responsive framework, designed for front end design. This framework has been developed wit SASS, a powerful CSS preprocessor which allows for speedy development of foundations. 

Less CSS 

LESS expands CSS with with dynamic behaviours such as variable, mixins, operation and function. In utilising LESS mixins and CSS manipulations to adapt the framework.

2.Choose the best platform

The platform must allow for new functionalities to be able to be plugged in easily. You should choose a well recognised and supported community platform to make your website future proof. 

WordPress is a great option!

Open source CMS WordPress is based on PHP as well as MYSQL that executes within a web hosting service. WordPress consists of 225 fresh websites, and is powering more that 60 million websites in the globe. 

WordPress offers forums as a way for help and there are various types of plugins as well as themes to allow to add functionalities and improve your website. It is also highly responsive as well as secure as a platform. Therefore we suggest that this platform is best way forward to create a future proof web design.

3.Go for the best web host!

Web hosting is an essential to making your online presence. Slow web hosting is a big negative to your audience. 

What you should look for in a Web Hosting company: 

  • Managed upgrades
  • Fast and reliable
  • Regular backups
  • No caching plugins
  • Firewall
  • Malware scanning

4.Find the best web designer

In order to create a future proof website you must hire an expert web designer who understand your business goals and works accordingly.

If they cover all the features express above of future web design platforms, frameworks along with the capabiliity to work on the website, knowledge of the necessary code then they will be beneficial to your business. 

A good web designer is: 

  • Trustworthy
  • Passionate about their work
  • Has working experience with clients
  • Has good communication skills
  • Is updated with the recent design principles
  • Is dedicated and committed to handle web design projects

5.Responsive web design

Responsive website design is a key component of “web design future proof” website, as a new device is on the market, responsive sites are all set.

Ensure that you have a responsive website design and your design functions properly on each device. 

The advantages of responsive web design

  • Mobile friendly
  • Better user experience
  • More applicable
  • Cost-effective
  • SEO friendly
  • Recommended and supported by Google
  • Further on the competition


A good designer and developer knows a web design is never done and it should be updated frequently. 

Using the above points you can develop a future proof web design and make your online presence dominant. 

Do you want to take the plunge and develop a future-proof website for your business? If so get in touch with the JA Creative Studio team today.