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Feeling unorganised? Here’s 5 (free) apps to fix that.

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With life getting busier and busier it can be easy to fall into an unorganised panic. Here are 5 very different apps that help you keep up with life’s tasks. Oh and they’re all free! 


This is a collaborative app which allows you to view what tasks are being worked on and by who. You can see everyone’s lists on a visual board and their tasks can be easily moved and changed. Photos, notes and polls can be used, so if you need to give someone an extra visual pointer then you can add in a photo. 

Good for: Keeping your employees organised in a small business. 
Available on: IOS, Android, Desktop

Example of Trello's board.  Source .

Example of Trello’s board. Source.


Do you wonder where all your time goes? This app can show you what you spend the longest amount of time doing during your work times. Perhaps you look back and realise you spend far too long on Excel so you can figure out a way to minimise your time working on it freeing up time to be more productive. 

Good for: Productivity levels.
Available on: Android, Desktop (similar app for IOS: Flat Tomato)


This app is good for helping you to visualise your ideas as an online brainstorm which you can then share with others.

Good for: Those who prefer to get their notes out visually.
Available on: IOS, Desktop

How a mind map can look on Mindnode.  Source.

How a mind map can look on Mindnode. Source.


What do you do with all those receipts and bits of paper cluttering your desk? Put them into this app! It scans your paper into the app allowing you to keep everything neatly on your phone or tablet rather than clogging up your office. Good items to scan in would be receipts, business cards, mileage tracking, expense reports. 

Good for: Having a tidy desk.
Available on: IOS, Android, Desktop

MyScript Nebo

Nebo allows you write notes on your tablet or phone using the Apple Pencil or Samsung S Pen. It gives you the best of both worlds: no need to carry a pad of paper round but can still write notes instead of type. It all comes down to preference. This app could be the best thing for some people but seen as pointless to others.

Good for: Those who like old fashion note taking but want to bring a small bag.
Available on: IOS, Windows, Android


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