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Austin Eszcori is a high end fashion brand providing limited edition, hand crafted leather goods created using the finest materials and gems, crafted in Britain; reflecting true British value in every piece. Austin visited us with just his business plan and required a number of services from website design to website application development, logo design, branding, graphic design and digital consultancy services.


From our initial consultation we decided Austin Eszcori needed a premium, minimalistic website to showcase their portfolio of products and best market them to customers. We decided we need to keep the website clean and clear, and make navigation of the website as user friendly as possible.

We created Austin Eszcori a website which was optimised for all devices, search engine optimised and highlighted his products. We also created all the graphics for the Austin Eszcori website. The outcome was a perfectly crafted website which the client described as “fantastic”.

web App

After successfully completing a new website for Austin Eszcori, they decided they wanted to offer their customers more. Initially, the website we created for Austin Eszcori only offered customers the option to purchase preconfigured designs, and invited the customers to contact them directly to create custom pieces. From customer feedback, it was decided Austin Eszcori wanted to offer customers the opportunity to customise their bespoke pieces online, it was then decided we would create them an online customisation application for their website.

We were able to successfully produce the outcome our client was looking for with a bespoke customisation tool which allowed Austin Eszcori’s customers to create their own bespoke pieces. The client could then order the piece online via the website or they could submit their design along with an enquiry to the Austin Eszcori team who could provide them with further assistance.


Austin Eszcori visited with no physical products, coming to us with just a vision to provide high end, hand made accessories to their potential clients.

With some of the products costing up to £11,850, we were tasked with creating graphic designs to give a visual representation of the product, yet without any physical products.

We also worked on a branding guide for Austin Eszcori to ensure all future marketing material would work cohesively, and followed a set of rules that were set by the brands ethos.


Austin, the founder of Austin Eszcori came to us with just a concept for his new venture. He enlisted our help to design the logo for the brand.

After consulting with Austin Eszcori, we were able to understand the brands true values and vision and decided on a minimalistic logo design.

Our team set to work and produced a number of Logo concepts for Austin Eszcori resulting in the end logo which our client was delighted with.

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“Design transcends agenda. It speaks to the politics of optimism.”